Denture Services Moss Vale

Damian provides a complete service from his clinic including initial consultation and treatment planning, taking impressions through to manufacture and final delivery—it’s all at his Argyle St clinic in Moss Vale.

types of dentures


Full Dentures — Dentures Moss Vale in Moss Vale, NSW

Full Dentures


Also known as a complete set, full dentures replace all of your teeth on the upper and/or lower jaw.
Partial Denture — Dentures Moss Vale in Moss Vale, NSW

Partial dentures


These replace one or more teeth with many options to suit your price range, lifestyle and what you feel comfortable with. Metal partial dentures are made with metal framework and natural looking teeth and last considerably longer than acrylic or plastic dentures. They also tend to be much more comfortable because the metal framework allows for less coverage in the roof of the mouth.


Reline Denture — Dentures Moss Vale in Moss Vale, NSW



The shape of your mouth can change as you age or your weight fluctuates. This will result in uncomfortable, ill-fitting dentures. To get the right fit consistently you will need to have your denture relined every 2 years. Relining reshapes the denture to sit more comfortably.
Repair Denture — Dentures Moss Vale in Moss Vale, NSW



If your dentures are broken or have chipped or missing teeth, we can repair them quickly and efficiently while ensuring they still fit comfortably. We understand how important your smile is for your confidence which is why offer a same-day service for most repairs.